Advanced Medical Weight Loss

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Breakthrough Medical Weight Loss

Weight Management, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Physician Supported Weight Los

        To learn about Physician Supported Weight Loss Programs utilizing prescription based Bio-Identical Hormones CLICK HERE.


        Our medical staff, nutritionists and patient support groups are dedicated to help you achieve goals you never thought were possible.     Breakthrough Medical prescribes truly customized medical weight loss programs based on your body, your medical history and your metabolism to help you lose the weight once and for all


        The process utilizes a number of medical tools, proven medications, and advanced testing technologies to help find you answers and make the process of losing weight once and for all within reach.  Our medical staff measures success not only in just pounds lost, but also focuses on improvements in overall health and wellness including:  cholesterol, triglycerides, A1c, hypertension and many other key health indicators that help us measure your progress.
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